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Thursday, November 12, 2015

American Miniaturist and Christmas Projects!

I would like to thank American Miniaturist for sharing my blog on their Facebook page. The Minions were beyond excited and started throwing banana peels into the air along with the occasional piece of underwear.For those of you who are new around here, here is a picture of a good many of them in their favorite place, doing what they like best.....watching me work! LOL!
Bob's "puppy" the ladybug has taken on the job of head photographer and has been honing his skills around the shop.  
I had to set his camera to the highest pixel setting as the pictures were coming out way too small. But he is enthusiastic and has been having fun taking candid shots of everyone. Especially me. No, I'm not going to put those on here. LOL! I've been doing pretty well adding posts here each day, but this week Dear Hubby has been home with the flu, so there hasn't been much spare time. I'm squeezing in a little time today to show you the Christmas projects I will be working on for the next week or so. Then it will be back to minion buildings.The first is an advent calendar for my son overseas.

I really have to get going with this one as it has to be mailed very soon! The second I have a little more time for. It's going to be a Christmas stocking for my grandaughter Elsa.
I found a lady on Ebay who can print out panels to use for projects like this so I am going to start with that.
Please feel free to scroll through all the posts on the right and read what interests you. Comments are welcome and I love my members too! Have a great day!