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Friday, November 20, 2015

A New Do and Elsa's Stocking

I have been thinking about it for quite awhile and finally decided to go and do it! I had my hair cut! Since moving here, I didn't really know who to trust my hair with but finally just went in to the one place I drive by at least once a week. The place is called 107 Hair Designs & Tanning and is run by a delightful lady named Ila who has been cutting hair for 21 years. I figured she should know what she is doing. So I climbed in the chair and I think she did a beautiful job!

My husband thought it was great and gave me a big kiss! Hee! Hee! So now that the tree is on its way, time to start Elsa's Christmas stocking. I looked all over for ice blue felt and couldn't find it anywhere. So I opted to use some nice thick fleece. Everything I plan to stitch to it should stabilize it a bit so here we go! First I dug out my stocking pattern and pinned it in place.
I carefully cut around it with my heavy duty scissors. I didn't realize that fleece is a bit difficult to cut, but it came out the way it should.
Next, I cut out a piece of white felt for the top edge. I used the top edge of the stocking to cut a gentle curve. The small white lace has also been used on her sisters' stockings so we are going with a little continuity. My original plan was to cut the panel of Elsa into a heart shape, but now I'm not sure. I kinda like all the detail in the panel so might just sew it on the way it is. The pink ribbon will be shaped and sewn over the printed ribbon to give it a little more dimension and I positioned some of the other elements in place to see how I would like it.
It will take awhile to hand sew all of this in place so I have time to make any changes along the way. Haven't sewn for awhile and keep jabbing myself with the pins...Ouch! There will be a Little Pony stocking after this, but I usually have to rest my eyes for a bit after doing one of these. I think I'll try out the new magnifiers I got awhile back.....have a great day!