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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hobby Lobby and the Roof Ridge

Went on an adventure to Hobby Lobby today! I say adventure because it's an hour away and I only make the trip every couple of months or so. Found two more of the miniature lanterns that I use in the minion 30% off too! Found a few things for Buns and Roses too.
So after having lots of fun, had to get down to business.  I looked at images of roof ridge treatments on metal roofs and decided to make mine out of cardboard. I cut it to size and then drew a line down the center.
Since I don't own a bone folder (I hear those are handy things to have by the way),  I used a knitting needle to make a groove on the line to make folding a little easier. It worked pretty well.
The next thing was to make end caps. Fortunately, the angle for the roof on this building is an exact 45 degrees, so it was a little easier to cut the right angle.

After the glue dried, It got its first coat of green.
Won't be long now! The next thing I worked on was the battery pack for the inside light. This is a necessary evil, so you have to think of ways of disguising it. The Steampunk Tudor one was done as part of the steampunk equipment. This one looks like an oil tank that we used to have at our house on the Cape. I added some cardboard legs and painted it with three coats of black.
It still needs a coat of clear matte spray to seal the paint and I've started work on the lid too. Word got around the shop how close we are to finishing and this is what happened...
no secrets around here! LOL! Have a great evening!