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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Home Stretch?

Got too wound from watching Dark Matter last night so was back in the shop! The first coat on the porch posts was dry, so I used a small piece of brown paper bag to lightly sand the paint.
Doing this makes for a smoother final finish. Put the second coat on and set them aside. Still plugging away at the roof. I got the three coats of green on and then painted the edges.
A final clear coat and that was set aside to dry also.
Let's see, what can we do while paint dries....oh, I know, the restaurant doesn't have any menus! On to the internet! I found all kinds of pictures of Outback Steakhouse menus but chose their kid menus as they were the most colorful. A little copying, a little pasting, a little shrinking and we have our menus!
The host minion has them all arranged on his podium and is so ready to start bringing in customers.
Since the paint still wasn't dry on the roof, I pulled out the ladder and did some dry brushing on it to make it look a little more like wood. The matte finish helps with the illusion and the minions inspected it and gave their approval.
And guess what came via UPS yesterday.....the lights! Yay!
I opened one of them up and found the bulb rolling around loose. So after some finagling, I managed to get it screwed in and it worked. I had cut a small v in one of the roof pieces to accommodate the cord and used a little cement to hold it in place.
Once that was dry, I was able to glue the other roof piece on.
The minions can barely contain themselves at this point and they are forming a line on my workbench already! After an eternity of waiting for the glue to dry, the roof was glued in place and the cord glued down along the roof ridge.
I'll tell you, there are some happy minions in the shop today! LOL! The tarp they were using to cover the restaurant was folded and put away and I was just enjoying a little glow of happiness when one of them asked when I was starting Buns and Roses. No rest for the wicked.....we will tackle the landscaping and parking lot next and I have another idea for the battery pack for the light. Also need to make something for the roof ridge to cover the cord. Have a great day!