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Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow and Snowmen...

So after getting Elsa added to the stocking, I started thinking about what the heel and toe would look like. At first I thought white would be nice, but it looked too blah. I had a piece of bright pink felt in my stash that had a bit of glitter on it. When I tried it, I liked it! I looked online for some pictures of Christmas stockings with heels and toes and designed a set for Elsa's sock.
The other stockings I've made have quite a few sequins on them and I don't want real life Elsa to feel like she missed out, so I started to sew a row of them on the toe.
I think some cotton lace will look nice too.
Now all I have to do is put the sequins on the heel and I'll be all set....or so I thought. When I looked out the window this morning, there was some snow on the tops of the mountains!
Well, I started singing "Do you want to build a snowman?"  (Which really sticks in your head by the way.) Then I thought of Olaf, the snowman in the Disney movie. There did seem to be a bare spot on the stocking that I wasn't sure what to do with. Now it will have an Olaf on it! So it was back online to print out an image of Olaf and he will be embroidered, sequined, and stuffed and added to the stocking.
I love his happy smile! So looks like winter is indeed on its way here in Tennessee. Have a great day!