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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Olaf Lives!

Progress has been a little slow with Thanksgiving coming, but I am soldiering on! I've been doing the sequin and bead additions on the stocking in the living room in the evening which worked out well until I had to stand up and walk somewhere. Then I left a little trail of dropped sequins and beads; well at least Bill hasn't had any trouble finding me! LOL! The first thing I finished was the heel.
This worked out well so it was on to Olaf! I dug through my stash of felt pieces and found the white, black, and brown I needed. I think a pair of wiggle eyes will look great on this too. After cutting out the pieces, here's what we have so far.
And do you think I could find even the tiniest scrap of orange for his nose? Of course not. So I busied myself with embroidering a few details and adding a few sequins and beads to Olaf. What a handsome fellow!
He talks a little funny without his nose though, so it was off to Walmart  I go! I did have to go for other things besides a 23 cent piece of felt though. When I was checking ingredients in the kitchen, I had everything to make my pies except pie plates! Don't ask me where they walked off to...I think a couple of people got free pie plates with their pies last year, but I don't remember who! So this year I will not leave the plates behind! Anyway, found all I needed and trucked on home. I cut out Olaf's nose this morning and he looks a lot more like himself.
I think a few more sequins on his feet and I can start the stuffing and sewing! I'll embroider some hair for him after he's in place and then sew the snowflakes on. As you can see, I've been experimenting with how many to put on. I think this is the final position for those.
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family then start up the diet again on Friday! Enjoy the day everyone!