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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drawer Knobs.....

My first thought was to just grab random drawers and paint the knobs different colors. Fortunately, the OCD was a good thing this time and I put the drawers in order as they will be in the tree.
Instead of a matte, I am going all out with a gloss finish so started painting knobs this morning.
I ended up with alot of fun colors and the minions were being real helpful and kept handing me the yellow paint. After explaining that this is not a minion tree but a Christmas tree for my son Ben (whose picture I keep in my shop), they understood. They haven't met Ben, but since his picture is right near their village, they figure he is some kind of celebrity. He is to me, but I am his Momma! :) So, back to what we were doing. I ended up with quite a selection of colors and after the first coat dried, I realized that we are in this for the long haul.
Four coats later, I was satisfied with the results and waited for them to dry.
As you can see, I rewarded myself with a treat for doing such a good job! LOL! I used a plastic tray that I covered with foil a while back to arrange the drawers and gave them a few sprays of Rustoleum gloss clear coat.
After those dry for a bit, Dear Hubby said he would go out and gently sand the tree and drawers and put on a second coat. This wood is inhaling this finish, so I expect a third coat will be necessary. Then we'll give it a couple of days to dry and off it goes! Then I can start Elsa's Christmas stocking. Her poor mother has been waiting for her own for years, but I keep making the ones for the kids so they're not in high school by the time I get them done!. Elsa's mom is a My Little Pony fan and I want to create a special one for her. I pray that S is feeling better, Casey is on the mend and that Jodi is finishing up her windows. Love all you guys! Have a great evening!