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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Burning the Midnight Oil....

Had trouble falling asleep last night so figured I may as well get up and putter on Buns & Roses. I had just been laying there thinking through how I wanted to do things anyway, may as well get up and do them! The first thing I wanted to take care of was the wire from the interior light. I wanted to take it around to the back in the least noticeable way possible. Using a toothpick, I dabbed a thin line of E6000 on the top edge of the end wall. More went on one side of the wire. I waited 2 minutes and then put them together. I used some of my inexpensive Harbor Freight clamps to hold the wire in place.
Since this should realistically dry for 12 to 24 hours, my next step was to glue the building onto the base. This was a little easier said than done as this building was just a bit wonky and not perfectly square. So I resorted to a little brute force with my handy clamps.
As that was drying, I had an Uh Oh moment when I realized that it would now be very difficult to get the grass along the sides with those window boxes so low. I had a meeting with Larry and Louie and they drew up a landscaping plan for me and told me not to worry, they had it all under control.
They wanted to create something more formal for the French owner yet something colorful for the manager, Slash. So closely cropped lawn and pots of sunflowers were installed and admired by all the minions who have now decided to casually walk back and forth while they watch the progress.
The pots of sunflowers were actually made of resin and purchased years ago from a sale bin. I put a little white glue on the "dirt" part and sprinkled on some tea leaves from a tea bag and touched them up a little here and there.
The landscapers left early and said they'd be back tomorrow so I gave the keys to the new owner and a second set to the manager so they could set up all the equipment inside.
One side of the building was pulling up from the base, so I installed another clamp and went back to bed for the night.
This morning I had an idea for a fairy house, (yes, I've been looking at Pinterest again..)and started drawing up a plan. If the minions catch wind of this, I am in deep trouble as they want their village done before I do anything else. And there are also way more of them than there are of me and I do like sleeping in safety at night.....maybe just drill a few holes for the windows.....Hey! Come back here with that! He took my sketch! Sigh, I guess I have to start the next building soon, the fairy house will have to wait. Have a great evening!