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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finishing up the Barn...

Got quite a bit of work done today on Larry and Louie's barn. I started with several colors of dry brushing on the siding and the roof. All the barns that I looked at had sections of rust on the roof like this.
So as I was deciding how to place the barn and the greenhouse together on the base, Larry and Louie came by to tell me that they purchased another lot in the Minion Village. They want to set up the barn on the lot out of town and have the greenhouse in town. These guys are always full of surprises! I could see their point though, who wants a big compost pile next to that pretty I adjusted my layout and started putting together a setting for just the barn.
Once I decided on the layout, I decided to make a nice compost pile for them. I started with a piece of styrofoam that was kicking around. I trimmed it a bit with my utility knife and poked and pressed it into shape.
After a coat of brown paint, glue was applied and a couple of layers of tea leaves from a tea bag were pressed on. Looks like a bird dropped a couple of sunflower seeds on the pile!
I spent a good part of the afternoon glueing on a patchwork of grass and tea leaves and added a few pots and a black plastic wagon wheel that I painted and aged.
Bob takes care of the truck for Larry and Louie and is very proud that his barn has a quilt square. He also has the prettiest compost pile in town! LOL!
Tomorrow we will start work on the setting for the greenhouse. Have a great day!