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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Siding the Barn...

I found a few boards that were already stained that were left over from the Steampunk Summerhouse and put them to good use. I had enough to do one whole side.
Then I got sidetracked for a few days and finally today stained enough boards to finish the rest of the barn.
I was awake the other night and spent some time looking at Tennessee barns online and found a few with the front roof treatment I was looking for. After cutting the roof and digging through my stash to find a piece of wood to fit the front, it started to take shape. I glued the roof on and held it in place until it was dry enough to let go. I also noticed that board siding on barns is not set perfectly, so made a few a bit wonky here and there.
So against my perfectionist nature! LOL! The next thing I wanted to do was find some corrugated cardboard that I could turn into a metal roof. I used cardboard from a pizza box for the chicken coop I made for a friend so when we had pizza on Friday, I thought I was all set. Well, I wet one side of the cardboard lid in the shower like I usually do, but this time the wet layer wouldn't come off the corrugated part without tearing. So I had to make do with some that was a bit larger, actually the same stuff I used on the banana plantation. Dear Hubby said that the minions probably would use the same supplier for metal roofing anyway, so it works. I cut it to size, painted some gray around the edges that will be exposed
and glued it in place.
I had to hold it very carefully in place so I wouldn't crush the corrugations, but the glue grabbed quickly and now it is drying and waiting for paint! Have a great day!