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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Finishing Up and a Surprise Visitor!

To start with, I used one of the roof pieces from the schoolhouse to cut a floor. I applied some white glue and sprinkled on a liberal amount of tea leaves.

Once that was dry, I took another look at the front of the greenhouse. The off center windows had to go! This small plywood is not easy to cut and it took many passes with my utility knife and metal ruler before it finally gave in. I wanted to line up the mullions with the rafters in the roof and also add some trim, so I dug around in my stash of wood strips and found some 1/8" that looks nicely in scale and would work perfectly. Here's a before and after:  
I brushed on a coat of white paint and put it aside to dry. While I was waiting, I worked on the interior of the greenhouse. Once the front and roof are glued on, the interior will be inaccessible so I worked on a bench and some shelving pieces that I cut out of scrap wood. I glued them in place and started thinking about my plant arrangement.
These little resin plants have really come in handy!
I was wondering what to use on that small front panel under the windows when guess who dropped by...the lovely Rose! We greeted each other warmly and I told her about the different treatments I was considering for the front panel. Larry and Louie came by and introduced themselves and were on their best behavior. Her suggestion was to use the brick to match the sides. I hadn't even thought of that!
So I had the minions hauling more brick and I mixed up the cement and we were on our way. I told Rose to give our best to the Captain and she was off to spend some time in the minion village to shop. After the brick was put in place and drying, I started considering S's suggestion of a door. Hmm, how will we get to the plants? About that time, my Dear Hubby came home and said, "Put hinges on the window and you can open it up when you need to." But what to use for hinges.....I looked through my beads and metal bits and found some ear wires that I won't be using for earrings. These were purchased in Walmart and lose their "gold" finish in a matter of days when you use them for earrings, so I didn't feel bad about taking a couple of them apart.
I added a handle and the "glass" and the front wall was ready to be glued on!
It was glued and clamped and I took a break to clean up a little.
When I came back, I removed the clamps and the greenhouse is done!
Now to start the barn for the truck. Have a great day!