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Monday, February 15, 2016

Greenhouse and a Dispute!

Time to start on the roof of the greenhouse. I had a container of Skinny-Sticks , so used a few of those for the rafters.
I glued up three pieces of square stock for the back support piece, then found some decorative brackets to use on the ends.
I glued these together, several times actually, then found a piece of window trim I cut for the front support. Right about then, I heard an awful fuss and saw Larry and Louie rolling around on the ground, swords in hand.
What is with you two! I said.
After settling them down a bit, I put each one in one of the corners of the garage after finding out they were fighting about who was going to drive the truck next.
This should be an interesting partnership for sure! LOL! After trying out the roof, decided it needed a couple more brackets.
I painted on the first coat of white paint and set it aside to dry. The next thing I had to address was the front wall. Every time I tried it in place, it looked wonky to me. I finally figured out that it needed to go on the top of the left wall, not inside the wall. A narrow strip was added and then I had to trim the right wall to fit better. It fits the way it should now even though the windows aren't exactly in the middle.
Maybe I'll get a little creative with my utility knife tomorrow morning. If I try to cut it now, I will probably damage myself. Looking at the picture, I could make it one large window centered, then divide it up with mullions.....Sounds like a plan! Of course, that means I won't be able to use the trim or the "window glass" that came with this....I'll have to think on it. Have a great day!