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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Starting over....

Work on the greenhouse was not going well. Ever have a project just stop co-operating? It seemed like whatever I did became a struggle....pretty weird for such a tiny building! I finally realized that it didn't want to be stuccoed. But what? I have been a miniaturist for quite awhile and I can tell you for sure that these things let you know what they want. I know, weird but true. It didn't want egg carton stonework, didn't want stone fabric,
didn't want brick paper.
It wanted the brick fabric like is on the teashop I have! Don't ask me how I know, I just do! LOL! So after spending 2 hours in the shop trying to find said fabric, I finally put my hands on it.
While trying to get the stucco paper off, I knocked it apart so we are indeed starting over.
After peeling off as much of the paper as I could, I glued the back and sides together and started cutting the brick fabric to size.
Once the glue was dry, I started glueing the fabric on. I had to make some careful cuts around the vents, but it went on well and is drying.
I wanted some landscaping and had run out of tiny bushes so I found some plastic trees in my stash. I cut the tiny trunks off with my wire cutters and put them in place. Hmm, kinda I pulled out a bottle of dark green paint and dry brushed them....much better!
So now the ideas are rolling in again and tomorrow I will start work on the greenhouse roof! Have a great day!