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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Still more Digging...

Woke up this morning thinking that the greenhouse setting needed a tree. I was thinking it through and had a plan in mind. Unfortunately, I still tend to think in 1/12 scale and the tree I had in mind would have been huge! LOL! Okay, lets scale it down a little. I have ziploc bags full of silk and plastic plants and flowers that I brought from Cape Cod. Christmas Tree Shoppes and Jo-Ann Fabrics were always well supplied with artificial flower sprays and quite a few had come home with me. When we moved, I cut them all apart and put them into storage bags for future use.....the future is now! LOL! I found a few pieces I thought would work and glued them together with E6000.
I have to find my floral tape to finish this, so set it aside to work on the remaining gardens. I was going to keep the back simple, but Larry and Louie insisted we go all out in order to display all they can do. What a couple of slave drivers! When I started to get sunburned, we moved the whole operation indoors. I think this should qualify as a work related injury, don't you? ;)
So here is what the back looks like right now.
I have to admit, these guys really know their stuff. Then Goliath hauled in all the stone for the walkways and I set to work. I read about how to do egg carton stonework online and started glueing down the pieces. Once they were all in place, I brushed on a thick coat of white glue, then moistened my finger tips and smoothed it into place. I used a blow dryer on it to partially dry the surface and pressed down any stones that were sticking up. I have never done this before and this was really fun! All this time, I hesitated because I didn't want to mess it up....just go for it! :) Here is how it looks all dry, no shading or painting, the glue just seems to enhance the stone all on its own. After the walkways were done, the greenhouse was glued in place too.
I really like it. I see a stone building in our future! There is one problem with landscaping trashes your shop! LOL!
Here are Larry and Louie at their outdoor showroom with Goliath standing at the ready to open up the greenhouse. Pierre is there from the flower shop at Buns and Roses (yes, he has named himself too) to arrange for regular deliveries of fresh flowers. The only thing that needs finishing is the tree.
So after that gets some work, it will be time for a cleanup and then on to the next building! Have a great day!