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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Can a Building be Disagreeable?

Larry & Louie's Landscaping is having a rough start! LOL! This required a lot more sanding than these little buildings usually require, then it didn't really want to be built! But I have clamps and I know how to use them! LOL! So with a few here and there, the garage was subdued!
By morning it was removed from the clamps and was behaving itself.
My first thought was to finish this building completely before starting the greenhouse section, but changed my mind and started cutting up the schoolhouse kit to make it fit the space. The first step was to cut the end piece without the door in half top to bottom, then I cut one of the sides with the windows shorter in length. I thought I was going to be able to have 3 windows, but it would be too crowded so only have two.
I cut the floor piece to fit as a back wall and will use one of the roof pieces for the new floor.
Making all these cuts was not an easy chore, I wrestled with my cork backed steel ruler, my utility knife, and multiple cuts to get these done. Since the end pieces now had a half window in them, I thought they would be perfect for vents like you see in greenhouses. Sat and thought about what I could use and then remembered that I had one shutter that's been kicking around for years. I found it in a container and proceeded to cut it up. After a few false starts, I ended up with the beginnings of my vents
and also a completely destroyed shutter! LOL!
I thought a stucco-like finish would be fun on this and had scrapbook paper that I knew would work. Just as I was finishing more of the walls, Larry and Louie showed up from the printer with posters of flowers to decorate the back wall. I said maybe we should wait until the walls are up, but they wanted to "see how they would look"....wonder where they get that from, hmmm....
The final project of the morning was looking for more of the little resin plants that I bought years ago. After some glue and tea leaf "dirt", they are ready to be placed in the greenhouse.
Larry got the contract to raise the flowers for Buns & Roses so he is all excited about that; especially since he will be paid in their newest offering....banana donuts. So I will be working more on this this afternoon since we are busy having a snow storm. But that's okay, we are warm and dry and have plenty of "Milk and Bread".......and bananas! LOL! Have a great day!