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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Digging in the Dirt...

Whew! Am I glad to be able to sit down for a few minutes! Larry and Louie had me building flower beds all afternoon and I was up to my elbows in mulch. It all started innocently enough, I decided to paint the underside of the board I'm using for a base. I haven't done this on the other builds and when I look up at the village, I can see the unfinished undersides of the bases.
After two coats of paint I added my signature and the date, then used a couple of coats of clear matte spray for protection.
Then it started, Larry and Louie came driving up in the truck with a load of mulch and flats of flowers. They even managed to fit a birdbath in there. They climbed down from the truck laughing and talking and then stopped dead in their tracks. "What have you been doing all morning?" said Larry. "I thought you would have the flower beds all built by now!" said Louie. Okay, okay let me get my gardening gloves at least....said me. "No time for that!" they said in unison. So I started carving up styrofoam and splashing brown paint around and this is how it is starting.
After the paint was dry, I covered them with white glue and poured on the mulch....or tea leaves, whichever you prefer. :) Larry and Louie had to give my work a thorough inspection before the plants went in
and all this glue and mulch were beginning to stick to me too.
After hours in the hot sun, all the plants were in and watered and I stopped for a much needed break.
I took orders all afternoon, I don't know how I got roped in with this landscaping business. There's still a couple more beds to do, then there's stonework to be done for both walkways. I think I will let Goliath lug all the stone, I'm pooped. Have a great day!