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Friday, February 5, 2016

Final Work on Buns & Roses!

The landscapers came back this morning and started right in. They started fitting the turf in the back and questioned me about how well I was taking care of the new grass.
I assured them that I had been watering properly and snuck off to avoid further questioning. I did get a shot of them applying glue to the back of the turf....
hmm, never knew that's how you put that stuff down; they must use lots of bottles of white glue to put that stuff down on a real life house......;) The next step was to put the generator in place so that all the ovens, refrigerators and coolers can run. They had a bit of a set to with the inspector,
but things were ironed out and E6000 is now holding it in place. So as they were finishing up, they noticed a mushroom growing in the grass on the back corner.
Of course I was grilled as to how much water did I actually put on the lawn and they were going to go to great lengths to remove the little mushroom. I like it though so said I would take responsibility for it myself. It looks like a happy little mushroom to me. They grumbled a bit, but said they would go back and prepare my bill for me. So Buns & Roses is complete!
As I left the shop, there was already a line forming as the "hot donuts" sign was lit up in the window. Oh my, how am I going to work in there with the scent of donuts all the time! And I just managed to lose 14 pounds too! So I put in my nose plugs and started cleaning up the work area so I can start on the next building.
I'm not sure if I put a picture on here of the Greenleaf Village that I use as a starting point for these buildings, so here it is!
Actually, I had 2 sets of them, I used the old one first but I think I will use another little garage building like the Banana Republic banana plantation for Larry and Louie's Landscaping. They have commandeered the old pickup truck that the Crominions use for hunting as their landscaping truck,
so I have to make sure and make room for that too. They were talking about wanting a greenhouse also, not sure how I'm going to fit all that on a 4 3/4 X 6 3/4 base but we will see what we can do. Next time, we will be starting a new build! Have a great day!