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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Larry & Louie's Landscaping, Garage

Since Larry and Louie did such a nice job on the landscaping for Buns & Roses, I felt an obligation to them to get them up and running. So cracked open the box for the new village buildings. Mmmm, the smell of plywood in the morning! LOL! These pieces seem a little rougher that the older kit I was working with and required more vigorous sanding. The first change I wanted to make was to square off the door opening.
I think this is going to be made to look like one of the barns here in Tennessee so figured that was a good start. Cutting it square was no easy task and I ended up carving pieces away with my utility knife.
The greenhouse will be built using the schoolhouse kit cut in half lengthwise and also shortened by one window. I propped a few things in place and this is actually going to fit on the little base.
A little more sanding and I glued parts of the garage together and have them drying.
I dug around in my scrap box and came up with a few pieces of siding that I used on the Steampunk Summerhouse.
I have more that isn't stained yet so I will get that all out and dig out my stain I used on it. This should be a fun build! I'm still thinking about the greenhouse section but I have a ways to go before I have to worry about that. So, something to do while the glue is drying, hmmm...Dear Hubby offered to drill holes for the windows in the fairy house, so I took him up on his offer. This is a fake shell that has sat on a shelf for years and after looking at Pinterest pictures of fairy houses, I got inspired to create something a little different. This is just part of it, the rest will have paper mache parts. He started with small pilot holes to see how this resin would behave. Then switched over to a large paddle bit.
The first three holes went well, but cutting into the side caused a minor catastrophe. But, miniaturists are a resilient lot and now the fairies that will be living there will have a picture window! LOL!
To make the hole for the door, he started with the paddle bit and then made it larger with his zip router.
Nice to have a guy with a few power tools! He did some work for a person a while back and traded for a used drill press so guess who's going to get the little drill press from Harbor! :D
See you next time, have a great evening!