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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Starting the Barn and a New Employee!

The sun was out this morning, so got up early to start work on the barn. I experimented with a few different shades of gray, (no, not 50, Hee! Hee!) and found that Ceramcoat Hippo Grey was the closest to the color of the stain I'll be using on the siding. I painted the inside edges of the windows and door and set it aside to dry.
The barn too wanted just a little bit of that brick fabric, so I cut a long strip and glued it in place.
The window trim pieces were cut and trimmed and painted the Hippo Grey also. Looks like these will be needing another coat or 2.  
I was thinking about what kind of roof treatment I wanted to use and decided to look at images of Tennessee barns online to get some ideas. Once I started looking through the pictures, I remembered that many of the barns here have quilt squares on them. There's even road trips you can go on to see alot of them. So then I started looking at quilt squares. Let's see, what kind of quilt square would minions want on their guessed it, bananas! By the time I shrunk the square down to the right size, it was hard to see the bananas; but they are there!
So while I was busy in the other room printing out the square I wanted, I heard alot of chatting and laughing coming from the shop. When I went back in, I saw a very large minion! He was a giant among minions! Larry and Louie introduced him to me...his name is Goliath, go figure. They said he was their new employee and he was the only one that could lift the greenhouse window and take plants out for customers.
He wanted feathers like Larry, so I rounded a couple up and glued them on.
The other minions were all excited to meet a distant cousin and decided to take him to lunch at Outback Steakhouse. Then on to Buns & Roses for a banana donut for dessert! I'll just be out here in the kitchen having my frozen Atkins meal.......then this afternoon, I will cut up the wood I'm going to use for siding and stain it out in my Dear Hubby's shop. Have a great day!