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Monday, February 29, 2016

A Tree and Church Pews...

Got out the masking tape and added a bit to the tree trunk for Larry and Louie's outdoor showroom.
Then I mixed up some glue and water for the paper mache part.
Note to self, next time add water to the glue, not the other way around. I mixed up enough to do a whole forest! LOL! I dipped some small pieces of paper towel in the glue mixture and wrapped it around the trunk.
I'm not sure if it looks like a tree trunk or a tree with a broken leg....or should I say limb! LOL!
Looks like this is going to take awhile to dry, so I pulled out the pieces for the church. After punching out the windows, I thought, hmmm, these scrap pieces would make great church pews.
After I cut them to size and did some sanding, the pastor stopped by to see how the work was progressing.
If he looks familiar it's because he's a cousin to the banana farmer down at the banana plantation. He approved of the design and I glued them together. While waiting for the glue to dry, I decided to cut down the church like I've done on several of these builds. Just one window shorter in length will give me more room on the base to add landscaping and a sign out front. So I cut the walls shorter in length, cut the floor shorter, and cut the tabs off the back piece.
The floor got a coat of stain and two coats of finish
and then of course we had to try out the pews. They are pastor approved!
Then the laundry started creeping into the shop so I had to go deal with it! LOL! Tomorrow we will see if the tree trunk is dry and then do some sanding on the church. I have a few ideas I think you might like so keep watching! Have a great day.