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Friday, January 29, 2016


Now that the roof is all done, I started thinking about a sign. I knew I would need a thin piece of wood for the base so dug out my box of punch-outs. Whenever I build a dollhouse kit, I save all the punch-outs from windows and doors and keep them in a box. These come in really handy for small projects. I found a window punch-out with a rounded end that looked like it would work. I traced around the curved part and made a pattern for the other end.
After some careful cutting, I thought it came out pretty good!
For the supports, I used some of the roof supports from one of the other minion houses that I didn't use. I needed to trim them to adjust them to the angle of the roof
and then glued them to the back of the sign.
For the print-out, I looked online and found a sign from a small company and stretched it and shrunk it in my Microsoft Word program and printed it out.
Since it is on printer paper, I was wondering what to glue it on with and decided on a glue stick. I will see how this holds in the long run; I might have to use something else in the future. The wood base was painted black and now sports a copper colored edge. Glued the paper sign on and then glued the whole thing to the house.
This came out great and was out of scrap wood! My kind of project! LOL! I still have to figure out what to do with the wire from the interior light, then this can be glued to the base and landscaped.....Woo! Hoo! Have a nice evening!