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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trees and Podiums...

Started out the day in the shop working on the tree. After painting the trunk, I decided to paint some of the branches too. It looks more like a tree and less like a bush now. I dry brushed it with two darker colors and was very happy with it.
Once it was planted in Larry & Louie's outdoor showroom, I asked them what kind of tree it was. They just gave me a look. "What?" I said. They both just rolled their eyes and looked at me like I was a moron and said, "A Minion Tree of course!"
So we all have the privilege of seeing first hand the one, the only, Minion Tree! LOL! Shot another picture of the layout in front of my big plant for a background.
I call it "Planty" because I have no clue what it is. It was a rescue that I brought back to life and it has tripled in size in less than two years. It's now almost as tall as I am. I've looked online and can't find anything like it....must be a Minion Tree! ;) After the tree was done, I put a final coat of paint on the church pews and the minions wanted to try them out for size. Looks like they all fit!
I had another window punch-out kicking around on my workbench and thought I should make a podium for the pastor. I used a piece of 1/12 scale porch post I had saved from the Steampunk Summerhouse cut to size and a small rectangle of thin plywood. The pastor couldn't wait for the glue to dry to try it out.
This is what it looked like once I took it out of the clamps...or clothespins....
Then of course, we had to try everything out in place to .....see how it will look! LOL! I think they were having a church meeting about what color the pew cushions should be....could be a long meeting.
So this is the Minion Village so far.
Once the church is done, there will be only one building left! I have an idea for another small scale project that I think you will like. Have a great day!