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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Grands are coming!

Company coming....tomorrow! And as anyone knows that makes or builds things, dusting kind of gets placed on the back burner. My daughter and her husband opted to stay in the shed on the air mattress with the baby while the six children are here in the house. While Dear Hubby was cleaning out the shop I had a bright idea...The dust is a little thick around here so why not resort to the big guns!
After the house got a thorough dusting, the guest bathroom was scrubbed from head to toe and stocked with towels. The office is going to be the bunkroom for the boys so I removed all the extra furniture and pictures that were against the walls and put them in my shop.
We'll be spending time with them and all my projects will wait for me. The office is ready now
and I will get the "honeymoon suite" out in the shop ready for my daughter and her husband and baby. We are so looking forward to their visit and I will post pictures of different things we will be doing while they're here. Have a great day!