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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sideboard is done!

With all the news about blizzards and such last night, I was wondering what I was going to wake up to. It did indeed snow on the mountains
and this was what I saw when I opened the blinds on the back door:
It was pretty chilly though, somewhere in the teens this morning! Brrr! Good day to stay in and work on the sideboard. This is how it came out after a second coat and with the knobs painted white.
The clear finish I used on the cutting table seemed a little too shiny so I decided to try this one.
Still more shine than I would like,
I'll have to look for one with a lower gloss. Who would think that "satin finish" would be this shiny? I thought a doily would look nice on the top. I searched through my scrapbooking stuff but came up empty. Then I remembered that I have some small paper doilies that I like to use under teacups up in my cupboard. After looking it over, I cut a section out
and glued it to the top with glue stick.
Also discovered something, don't use glue stick on paper kind of filled up the holes and got a little gunky. I should have remembered to pull out the E6000 Extreme Tack, I think it would have worked better.
The next thing I need to tackle is the lavender cabinet that will hold fabric bolts. I painted the knobs white and need to sand and second coat the top where the doors are.
I still need to saw the tops off of a couple more Michael's hutches to build the other two and I can't for the life of me remember how I did it on the first one. I had cut these about two years ago and set them aside for another project so it has been awhile. Dear Hubby has agreed to cut them on the bandsaw,
so I will post pictures so you can see him at work. Hope you enjoy the pictures today, there are alot of them! Have a great day!