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Monday, March 6, 2017

Back in the shop at last!

Oh my! Life has been busy and when we came back from the bicycle trip, I just couldn't seem to get the spark back to work in my shop. I'd stand in the doorway and sigh and go back to laundry, cleaning, or crocheting. I sure crocheted alot of kitchen towels and dishcloths! LOL! We talked about moving, we talked about staying and finally put our little beach house on wheels up for sale and it sold in one weekend. We came to appreciate our home more and more and it seems this is where we are to be for the time being. Little did I know that I just needed a new project to get the juices flowing again. I was able to reconnect with my dear sister-in-law after many years of no contact. She now lives nearby and loves to quilt and make all kinds of things. I wanted to make something special for her as she admired my tea shop many times. How about a quilt shop with ladies having tea upstairs? I wandered into the shop and started looking through drawers and boxes for things to put in it. The more I found, the more excited I became. I found a two room, roombox,
sewing machine,
and some fabric I've been saving for forever that looks like mini quilts. A Chrysnbon table and chairs,
small teacups and saucers that were on clearance at Michael's
and lots of window kits that have been kicking around for ages. Before I knew it, I was asking dear hubby to cut more window holes
and assembling the windows.
I've made a few bolts of fabric out of some mysterious pieces of wood that I later realized were stair treads for some staircase long ago. All of the fabric is from my sister-in-law and most of it has a story attached to it so it will be nice memories for her. When I visited with her yesterday, I went through some of her fabric stash and came home with 109 pieces of different fabric! Looks like I will be busy making fabric bolts for awhile! :)

And where would all these bolts be displayed? Surgically altered Michael's hutches!
I have two more of these to build, so I will start taking pictures of all the processes so you can see what is happening. I found an old House of Miniatures furniture kit
and turned it into a cutting table with the help of the door punch-out and a couple of cut down newel posts.
So I am back at it; I know that there are minion houses to finish and the Steampunk Summerhouse needs its interior done, but I am excited to get this shop done for my sister-in-law and it's nice to see the spark back! I even cleaned up my workbench this morning, Woo! Hoo!
Have a great day!