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Friday, March 17, 2017

Topless Cabinets! Oo! La! La!

Now that the sideboard is done, I got started on the remaining two fabric bolt display cabinets. This is the one that Dear Hubby is going to cut on the bandsaw.
I'm a chicken when it comes to bandsaws..heard a story years ago about a girl who sawed her hand off by accident in an art class. So, I leave the bandsawing to my Hubby who is much more familiar with it. I have 2 of these cabinets that I need to have the tops cut off of, so Bill set up his saw and very carefully cut them for me.
So now I have the two tops that I need.
I was also left with two topless cabinets that look like they could be made into something too....Ahhh! Don't get sidetracked!
As I was typing, Bob was being very "helpful" by reading everything out loud.
When he got to the word "topless", pandemonium broke out in the shop and before I knew it, all the minions were scrambling up onto my keyboard to take a look-see.
They were all disappointed and I said, "Hey, this is a family blog!" So they all moaned and went back to mind their shops. I smelled banana donuts cooking earlier, so maybe they will share some with me...Yum!  I just set the pieces together on my bench and realized I had a shelf to remove and also some pieces to saw flush with the sides.
As long as these fit tight against each other, they will fit on the back wall of the quilt shop. After a few seconds in the microwave, the shelf was removed.
I thought while I was there, I would try removing that middle door from one of the topless (still talking about the cabinet guys....stay put!)cabinets. Silly minions. I saw a cabinet in Walmart the other day with a shelf in between the two doors and like how it looked. It took a little longer to get the door off, but I succeeded.
This has some real potential, I am going to see what I can do with this after I've done the quilt shop. Oh, and did I mention that I cleaned up another section of my shop?! I have been trying to work around piles of other projects and finally decided to separate and organize all the stuff that wasn't part of the quilt shop. So here it is, all cleaned up and ready to make another mess on! LOL!
Have a great day!