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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Work on the cutting table...

Every great fabric shop deserves a sturdy cutting table. The first coat of paint really brought up the grain and I had to hunt up my super fine sanding paper and have a go at it.
I could see after this that it was going to need a second coat. Once I started looking at the table, I thought, "You know what...there needs to be a stretcher between those two legs..."
"But I don't want to add a stretcher now!" Well, no sense arguing with myself about it, it had to be done. We don't need some rambunctious quilter leaning too hard on this thing and injuring themselves now do we...So I dug around in my wood pile and found some square stock that would do the trick. A quick measure, cut it on my little power saw and glued it in place. (This picture is more like the real color, it's not really bismo pink! LOL!)
I decided to give the top a second coat and put a first coat on the new stretcher.
When I checked back a little later, everything was dry and I touched up here and there with my sandpaper. The lower part got a second coat and the top received a third coat...
the shopkeeper that works here is a little rough on things, so hopefully she will be careful with the scissors. ;) I'll let that dry overnight and then use some water base clear coat over the paint. After that, we'll paint the storage shelves a bit more and make some more bolts of fabric! Have a great day!