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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cabinets and Skeletons....

I like how these cabinets look together!
Today's the day to sit down and put the first coat of paint on them. I don't remember if I told you the name of the color on these. It's by Ceramcoat and is called "Sweet Pea"; and the outside of the bottle isn't even close to the actual color.
One down, one to go!
Now that these are both done, what to do while the paint dries....
I think I'll take another look at one of those topless cabinets.
I needed something for the top...hmmm, maybe there's something left in this old kit that I cannibalized a while back for another project.
After digging around in the box of pieces, I found that the top to this dresser kit will fit with just a bit of trimming.
I measured and marked the piece and cut it with my exacto knife.
That looks pretty good!
I think I will remove the large wooden knobs and find something else. I just used my wire cutters and carefully twisted them out.
I save them as you never know when you might need something like this. I started poking around for some alternate knobs and came across these brass brads.
I glued some round wooden beads on the bottom too. Hmmm, just not sure.
I was ready to start sanding when I remembered the dust mask. After the incident the other day, I put the package up high where the minions couldn't get to them. I confidently snapped one on and heard cackles coming from the direction of the tall cabinets. It's the skellies!
I hadn't seen them since we got back from the bike trip this summer. They were glad to see me but kept elbowing each other and smirking...well, I think they were smirking, it's hard to tell with these guys and I swear that guy in the middle is mooning me. When I asked what was going on, they just mumbled something about, "nothing..." Needless to say, I was suspicious. One look in the mirror told me the truth.
The minions couldn't reach the dust masks, but the skellies are good climbers and not bad artists either...So I just sat there looking like a skellie while I sanded away on this little cabinet. I decided I didn't like the round feet either, so pulled those off and rummaged around through the same furniture kit and found a bottom molding piece. I think this will do just fine.
Time to put this aside for awhile, I have another problem to solve. Have a great day!