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Monday, March 13, 2017

Painting the Sideboard and more...

This morning didn't start well. I learned that you don't put cracked pop-tarts in the toaster. Part of it broke off and caught fire. I turned and saw a small flame coming out of the toaster! Dealt with that right quick and continued on with my day. At noon I decided that I would pop one of those small banquet berry pies in the microwave. I always use the minimum time on the microwave just in case. I was supposed to leave it in there until it was "golden brown and emitting steam". Well it wasn't brown and there seemed to be quite a bit of steam. When I opened the microwave door, it wasn't steam, but smoke! Good grief, I burned this too. So as you can imagine, it was with much trepidation that I entered my shop this afternoon. I figured I'd be pretty safe with a bottle of paint and a brush. After thinking about the color I should paint the sideboard, I remembered that my sister-in-law had mentioned that she also liked blue, so I dug out my Folkart Baby Blue paint
and gave it a go.
These hutches are made of pine which has a grain pattern that is far too large to look in scale, so I always like to use paint on them. I did up four of them awhile back and was very happy with the results.

So this little sideboard got its first coat of baby blue and was set aside to dry.
The minions were curious about the smoke in the air earlier in the day and they had a great old time teasing me about my cooking skills. They said next time I should stop by their Outback Steakhouse and they would cook for me. I think I might just take them up on it tomorrow! Have a great day!