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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Solving Problems...

I kinda left you hanging didn't I?! The first problem wasn't a major one, just something that was going to take a bit of time. The original roombox didn't have a front on it
and I wanted to be able to have my sister-in-law hang this on the wall and also keep the contents pretty much dust free. Dear Hubby cut a new back piece for me but it somehow developed curvature of the spine while it was in my shop.
The curve was too strong to force flat with the 1/8" plywood that came with the kit so the back piece went for a swim in the bathtub.
I let it soak for awhile in hot water and just before it wanted a glass of wine and a back scrub, I took it out, dried it off a bit and took it out to the shop. I put it on the floor and looked for something heavy to weigh it down. My husband's belt sander was handy so I put that on there along with a couple of paint cans. Then I thought, "Wait a second, belt sander on wet wood equals rust," so I put a piece of plastic between the wood and the sander.
Dear Hubby would have wondered how his belt sander got all rusty on the bottom...I came back into the shop and decided to address some of the window openings. The are cut with rounded corners and my window frames didn't fit into them.
The folding box cutter knife made short work of squaring up the corners
and I got first one sheet done,
then a second one.
I would have tackled the third one, but my hands were getting tired. I'll try to get this glued together this weekend as I might be on hiatus for awhile...I have grandchildren coming to visit! So I hope you are all getting a little taste of spring, have a great day!