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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Finishing Work on the Tall Cabinet...

After cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to go into the shop and start the third fabric bolt cabinet. The first thing I did was burn off a bunch of calories sawing the overhangs off of each piece.
After all of these were cut flush, I started to reach for my little yellow sander. The minions stopped me. "Remember to use your dust mask!" they said. Since I am an obedient master, I put it on only to have all of them laughing hysterically. (They do that alot...)
They got ahold of my dust masks again!
After the hilarity died down, I told them now they owe me those banana donuts I've been smelling for the last two days. They wandered off muttering that I was a party pooper. What I put up with around here....So, here we are back at the cabinet sanding away.
These cabinets are alot easier to sand while they are in pieces so each piece got a thorough sanding and I got them ready to be glued together.
Here it is all assembled!
Tomorrow, we can start painting. My sister-in-law has a cat and I found one that I think will work in her quilt shop; that's her on the lavender cabinet...or is it a him, I'm not sure now. Anyway, after all this work, I think I deserve a cookie don't you? Have a great day!