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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Not as young as I used to be!!

Taking a breather to share with you all some of the things we've done with our six grandchildren over the last few days. So far, the all time favorite has been "Backyard Terrors" in Bluff City here in Tennessee. It's in someone's backyard and he builds all the dinosaurs. Here are just a few of the pics.

We saw Bristol Motor Speedway, had pizza, and then the kids worked in the woodshop with Bill.

Bill's sister and her husband came over and we all had fun with a few fireworks.

The next day was beautiful and they all enjoyed playing with frisbees, corn hole games and finding a baby bunny!

The baby bunny was carefully put under the shed where he had hopped from. We came in and I made some homemade play-doh, this guy was very serious about making this snake.

We have been enjoying their company very much and my daughter and her husband started looking at houses here! It would be so fun to have them close by! Gotta go watch "Bob the Builder"! Have a great day!