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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Shelving Unit takes Shape!

Got up this morning and went out to the shop with Dear Hubby.  He was busy setting up the router table and I was poking around seeing what I could snag out of his shop! LOL!  When everything was set up, I handed him pieces and he routered around the top edges.  I like how the large back piece reminds me of the shape of a minion's head..LOL!

After still more sanding, it was time to start laying out the 8 small shelves.  He asked how far apart I wanted them and I said, "Oh, about this much..." He converted that to inches and started measuring and drawing lines and such.  It was getting perilously close to math, so my mind started wandering about how I would do up the houses for the minions....When the shelves were at last in place, glue was applied
and then the clamps came out!
That's one thing you definitely need if you are working with wood.....clamps! It always seems like a race against time with glue and clamps, but we got all the shelves set in place and now the infamous waiting for glue to dry!

On another note, yesterday we drove out to my cousin's house in another part of TN....we hadn't seen each other in 26 years!!!  It was like no time had passed and we talked and talked!  It was so nice to see her and her brother and family...I even got to meet her chickens!  Since we are not that far away from each other, we have vowed to make sure it's not another 26 years!  Well, time to head outside! Enjoy the holiday!