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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Starting the Landscaping...

Now that the banana barn is done, that would've made a good name too..., I decided to start the base for it.  The laser cut rectangles were on sale in Michael's up near my mom. I should've bought 8, but I wasn't sure if they would work.  At .79, I could have, but I am a thrifty Yankee! LOL! The first thing I did was paint one side brown.  
I noticed that the sheet moss I want to use is somewhat see-through and didn't want the bare wood to be seen. Also, finally had a brainstorm about how to deal with the very messy moss sheet. I sprayed it with clear matte spray!  

Not only did it tame the flying moss, it brought out a little of the green too.  I've had this roll of sheet moss for I don't know how many years so I know it's a bit faded but it worked for what I needed it for. I applied it to my base with Elmer's white glue and, the usual, waited for it to dry. Once that was done, I glued down the building the same way and started on another small project.  My mom gave me the large hand of bananas and I thought it would make a great photo opportunity for tourists.  Using my rotary tool, I drilled a hole in the side of the bananas at the angle I wanted and glued in a short piece of bamboo skewer.  I drilled a hole in the base and glued that in too.  
The Banana Farmer talked to the newspaper photographer about doing some freelance work on the weekends to take care of the tourists who want their pictures taken.
So he is really getting into owning his own small business. When I showed all of this to my husband, he pointed out that the banana harvester needed a ladder to reach the bananas.  So I dug around in my stash of stuff and found a plastic ladder from an old game and cut it down to fit.  
So while we are waiting for the second banana tree and the crates of bananas to arrive, I think I will start the next build...I am really liking 1/4" scale! Have a great day!