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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Banana Farm and Mom's House!

Well, the banana farmer and I are back from our travels.  When I was getting ready to leave on Wednesday, I couldn't find him anywhere.  I thought he had changed his mind about going.  But when I got to my truck, he was already there with the truck started!  He was standing on the dash with his "finally, we need to get a move on" look.  
He decided to stay in my purse while I battled trucks on 81 while avoiding any unwanted interactions with the local constables.  As soon as we arrived, he wanted hugs from my mom and then offered to take her to lunch.  
It was decided that I could come along too since I was driving.....Shoney's here we come! Later on, we hit the local Goodwill in search of bamboo placemats and banana luck.  So after enjoying some refreshment witth my mom,
the banana farmer decided to visit with the tribe of minions that live in my mom's dollhouse.  
He talked with the natives,

discussed planting techniques with the local banana farmer,
and even visited with Van Gogh while he was there.

The next day, it was my turn to invite everyone for lunch and we ended up at Cracker Barrel.  
I enjoy it there and so does my mom. The special was good but you-know-who was urging us on as Michael's was the next stop. We looked through scrapbook paper and artificial plants and finally decided that the banana farmer's building was just going to have to made from corrugated metal instead of bamboo. It would be more durable and probably wouldn't have to be replaced as often. Friday morning was time to say good-bye, so it was back down 81 and assorted back roads and we were home again.  Tried out the new leaves we found and found the corrugated cardboard I had saved so we were set for siding too.  
The little building was glued and clamped together and we wait for the glue to dry.  
I have some smaller corrugated that I might try although that means running a pizza box under the shower to get to the corrugations inside.....I think I might have a small piece of some pizza box corrugated left over from the chicken coop I built awhile back, so will have to try out both when I am ready for that step. Have a great day!