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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Corrugations and the Roof!

Started the morning dry brushing the Metallic Aluminum on the two end pieces.  After that dried, dry-brushed the Burnt Sienna and waited for that to dry.  Last of all, dry brushed a little Campground green along the bottom edge as the moisture was sure to get to this in the jungle.  

Just make sure you do the right edge...otherwise it will have to be hanging vines! LOL! I marked the back so I wouldn't reverse them by accident. As the pieces were sitting there drying, I thought why should I wait until they're glued on the building to add the was a lot easier putting it on while the pieces were lying flat.  
Made sure to glue the floor in before I put the corrugated pieces on...that way I could use clamps to hold it in place as the building was maybe just a little bit crooked...;)
The sign was glued to a piece of card and cut out and glued in place; once the floor was dry, the ends were glued on and I added the doors.
On to the roof! The Banana Farmer kept putting the crates of bananas in the building and I kept taking them out. Besides, I don't know where he got those bananas, but it says "Fairway Banana's"  on the ends.  Seriously? Oh well, maybe the minions won't notice...

Once the roof pieces were painted green, I glued them together along with the roof supports that I had stained with my Minwax pen.  It is slow going with the leaves, I can only glue on one at a time, clamp it in place and wait for it to dry to do another one.

I think I will experiment with a little superglue tomorrow to see if I can speed up the process....I have one very impatient minion here! LOL!  My dear hubby has been putting the finish coats on the shelving unit for all these little buildings, so we will check that out next. Have a great evening!