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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Banana Farmer's House

A name popped into my head for the banana farmer's house.....Banana Republic! LOL! He thought it was a great idea and started digging through my scrap box for something to make a sign with. Wonder if we'll be dealing with attorneys again..... Meanwhile, I started punching out all the windows and doors. There must be something I can do with all those little squares of wood.....
Since this is an older kit, the cardboard trim pieces have yellowed somewhat, but I think I will be painting them anyway.  After kinking a couple of pieces, I used my exacto knife to cut around the pieces before trying to punch them out.  

It's also a great way to trim off any little joins as these show up a lot more in a smaller scale.  I decided to use the doors, I'll just have them standing open.....or hinge them....the detail person in me so wants to do the latter! Then the bead curtain can hang inside the doorway.  The door trim pieces are now glued onto the wooden doors and drying.

I'm going to visit my mom tomorrow and that usually means a trip to Michael's so I will be searching for some appropriate wallpaper for a banana farmer.  I need to look for leaves for the roof too.  I would so like banana leaves, the leaves I found in my shop just don't look quite right to me.  
The banana farmer just puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head.  I heard him mumble something about wanting a home to live in before snow flies.....So I am off in search of bamboo place mats, miniature banana leaves and anything else I think will be cool....have a great day!