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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Minion Village

Work has begun on the display for the minion village!  DH had some really nice scrap wood in his shop that he cut the parts out of.  It still amazes me the steps that you have to go through to end up with a finished piece. First, cut to size; the back piece:

      Then the pieces that will be used for the shelves:

                                                                               Put through the jointer for the edges:

                                                                                        Planed to the right thickness:
                                                                                       Then shaped on the bandsaw:

Next, we took the pieces outside to sand.  Hubby did a quick sanding and we packed it all up and brought it back into the shop just as a thunderstorm rolled in!  So I guess the routered edge and attaching the shelves will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday.  Besides, I'm pooped!  I said, "This is a pretty fancy shelf unit to hold teeny luan plywood houses..." Bill said, "They won't be just plywood houses when you're done with them!"  I think I'll keep him! :) Enjoy the holiday weekend !