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Friday, September 25, 2015

Banana Leaf Roofing...

Thought you might like to see what kind of artificial plant I started with to make the banana leaves.  
I cut the individual leaves that I wanted from the bunch, rounded the end with scissors and then cut them to length with a combination of scissors and my wire cutters.  I tried using superglue this time instead of white glue and the progress was much faster....until I got to the last leaf.  Then for some reason, I had to go back to the clamps to hold it down long enough to dry.
When both sides were finished, I had to decide what to use for the ridge of the roof.  I was going to use sheet moss, but thought that one large leaf would look better.  I trimmed the leaf the size and shape I wanted but when I went to glue it on, let's just say it was being very I resorted to every builder's alternative...More Clamps!!

While I was wrestling with this, I glanced over at the minions and it looked like I was being mooned!  

Upon closer examination, I realized that they had both face planted off the bleachers.  So I picked them up and dusted them off and apologized for bumping the bleachers and knocking them off.  They were a little huffy about me thinking their heads looked like their butts, but I gave them each a banana and all was forgiven. At last, the top leaf stayed on and I freed the roof from its clamps.  It was then glued to the building and I declared it done!
A local reporter from the Minion Gazette came by and shot some pictures and talked to the Banana Farmer about an upcoming article about new businesses in the community.
His head was a little larger after the reporter left, but I let it go. Later on, I went out to Dear Hubby's shop to see how the display shelf was coming along.  Looks like one more coat of finish and we can start using it!  
As soon as the new banana tree and boxes of bananas arrive, I will start landscaping around the banana farm and we can move on to the next's going to be a little bit steampunk! ;) Have a great day!