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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exciting News and Minion Houses...

Okay, Okay, stop pushing....Oh, excuse me, the skellies are all excited.  We found out this morning that they are going to appear in the October issue of American Miniaturist! They've been riding their carnival ride most of the day hooting and hollering and even sharing an occasional banana with the minions. Personally, I think they're all getting swell heads. After all, who do they think built the thing in the first place?  Whoops!  I think I'm getting a swell head too! LOL!  But then I realized that I had to go out and mow grass, so that quickly brought me back down to earth. So can't wait until the October issue comes out!  It's been quite awhile since I've had anything published and I feel it's a real turning point for me. Many thanks to the editor of American Miniaturist.

The skellies were getting quite a bit of attention, so I think the minions were feeling a little left out. While I was having breakfast this morning, I drew up a possible plan for a minion village using the Greenleaf 1/4" scale Christmas houses.
I had some ideas for each house and I need a way to display them so they are visible and out of the way.  Now I'm not forgetting the Steampunk Summerhouse, just taking a little sabbatical for awhile.....and with the long weekend ahead, it's a perfect time to ask DH if he can build me something.  I know for sure one of them will be for the banana grower in the neighborhood! LOL! Have a great day!