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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Disturbing mail....and a gift!

It all started with a pretty colored envelope I received in the mail. I thought it might be an invitation to something fun or maybe a card from someone. This is what was inside.
It seems that once you reach "a certain age", delightful things like this show up in your mailbox. I said, "My hearing's just fine, thank-you very much!" as I ran it all through the shredder. So I got to thinking, I do like to work in my little shop, but that requires a lot of sitting and there's a little more to me than I would like if you know what I mean. My birthday had come and gone, but I thought what a great present to myself a bicycle would be. Not a racing bike with the 1 inch wide seat but a beach cruiser that I could tool around the neighborhood on. I found a pretty one I liked on the Walmart website of course and also on sale.....of course.
My Dear Hubby put it together for me and made lots of adjustments so it would be comfortable and safe. I even ordered a helmet....a very cool one of course.

We took it out in the backyard and with a helpful push from my husband, I was off circling the yard. I had so forgotten the feeling of cycling and I was overcome with emotion. When I stopped, I was crying with had been almost 50 years since I had ridden a bicycle. As I straddled the bike, I hugged my husband and he backed away so I could get off. "Get off"...sounds so easy doesn't it? Well, my mind went blank as to how to dismount! Finally, I bent my right knee and tried putting it over the front bar. Well, somehow I got tangled up and fell to the ground with the bike landing on top of me. I felt so stupid, I just laid on the ground and laughed! Later on, I realized that the bike had hurt my leg and my ankle. I took these pictures today, the bike beat me up almost 2 weeks ago.

So after ice packs and Arnica cream and being careful of it, it's a little better now. But now the ragweed is in full bloom so I guess I have to wait until after the frost! It's okay if you want to laugh, I have to laugh at this myself! So while I heal, I've been thinking more about moving my shop to the second bedroom which is quite a bit bigger. I picked up some boxes at Lowes the other day and am going to start packing up my current shop. Then there will flooring and painting and all kinds of fun. Have a great day!