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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Reviewing the Lazy Day Easy Lasagna Recipe....

After much goofing off and just a little procrastination, here is my review of the recipe for an easy lasagna that I saw on Facebook.
I thought the idea of using the frozen cheese ravioli was genius. The ingredients didn't break the bank and I already had some of them. Turns out, I didn't have garlic salt but had garlic powder, so went with that along with a few grinds of salt. When I first put the frozen raviolis in the bottom the the pan, I wondered if they would cook all the way in just 35 I boiled them for 2 minutes first
and then placed them in the pan.
I browned the 1/2 pound of ground beef and couldn't resist adding some dried onion...
I just love the smell of it cooking with the ground beef. I poured in the crushed tomatoes and spices and also sloshed in a bit of cooking wine too.
After cooking and stirring for a couple of minutes,
I started layering it in the pan...raviolis. sauce, mozzarella cheese, repeat.
Popped it in the oven
for 35 minutes
and waited with anticipation. 35 minutes was the minimum time, but it was bubbling like it was supposed to, so I took it out to set for 15 minutes.
My mouth was watering at this point! I dished it up for Bill and I and we dug in. So, my opinion? It was bland; and the mozzarella cheese seemed too chewy. I thought that maybe you could use some Prego sauce and add some Italian sausage, mushrooms, cooking wine, and Italian seasoning and go light on the mozzarella but after thinking about it, save yourself all the layering and baking and just boil the ravioli following the package directions and pour your doctored or homemade sauce over them, add a little Parmesan and enjoy! The recipe ingredients cost almost as much as a Stouffer's lasagna and I guess I'm easy to please, cause I like the frozen one better....not so much clean-up either. So that's my review, happy cooking and have a great day!