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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mr. Skellie is back!

I heard a roar in the driveway and when I looked out, there was Mr. Skellie slinging gravel and coming to a stop.
I ran out to greet him and noticed he had made a few changes. "Nice shades!" I said. He told me there was a whole story behind those and when he came in and washed away the road grime, he would sit and tell me all about it. I told Marlene he was back and helped her with her chair so she could listen to all of Mr. Skellie's stories too. He toweled off and came and sat down.
The trip out there had been uneventful except when large trucks went by. He spun out of control the first time and got away with just a few scuffs. Marlene sighed over the scars he now had. After that, he just pulled way over to the right or just went faster than all of them. The police cars couldn't catch him as he just pulled in and drove along underneath them. "What have I raised..." I thought. He pulled out his camera and we downloaded the pictures of Sturgis. When he arrived, he was amazed at how many bikes there were. This was the downtown.
He enjoyed walking around and looking at all the different bikes.
This one was his favorite.
He saw some seat covers that he just had to have, to pay for them. It wasn't long before he was spotted by an ad man and he talked to Mr. Skellie about his trip and would he be interested in an idea he had for a great sunglasses ad. Mr. Skellie still had those cool seat covers on his mind so agreed to have a look at some of the ideas. After a hardy lunch at the Broken Spoke saloon, they went out to film the commercial.
Mr. Skellie was paid on the spot so went right back to see if he could get some furry seat covers of his own.
While he waited, he met a few friends
and of course had to chat with the ladies.
He had a fantastic time and wants to go back next year for the 78th bike week. He said he was glad to be home and wanted to get going on his next Young Living presentation. Once Marlene was back in the shop he confided that Marilyn's afghan came in really handy as it got a little chilly at night out there. He made reservations at a hotel for next year...roughing it was a little hard on the old bones. Then he snapped his fingers and said he had a gift for me in his saddlebag. I tried it on and he smiled and said now I could be his "babe on the back" next time he goes out riding.
After hanging out with all those bikers in Sturgis, his language had become a bit more colorful, so I changed the word he really used to "babe"....He went outside to see how Bill was coming along on the shed and was amazed at all he had accomplished on the outside since he had left.
Mr. Skellie's pictures are a little small, but so is his camera so I hope you can see them alright. I didn't tell him about the next big adventure that's going to happen around here.....see you next time and have a great day!