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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Getting a Move On!

While Bill and Mr. Skellie were working on the deck next door, I started packing up my shop. No, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just moving the shop from the tiny bedroom to the larger bedroom in my home. I'll be going from this:
to this:
I thought about how the process would go for awhile; just imagine that you want to switch two completely furnished rooms in your house. Which would you do first? I don't have a large house, so there isn't space enough to just put loose items all over everything. So after a good think, I picked up a dozen boxes from Lowes and have started packing everything up in the shop so we can move all the office stuff in there first. Wow! What a lot of stuff! This is how much I've emptied so far,
and there's boxes and baskets and drawers of stuff in the living room,
dining room

and even the bedroom.

I thought I would find lots of things to get rid of while I was packing up, but so far, I'm keeping it all! LOL! I'm not sure where the tool bench is going to go...probably in the kitchen as an island! (Wonder how many times I'll walk into that...) I'm not sure if we're going to paint walls or anything but I have put a lot of holes in the walls, so that might be necessary. So here's hoping I can pack all this stuff up this week! Have a great day!

Oh and as a P.S., here's the new tool box I have my eye on....
guess I'd better wait for a coupon and get those crocheted dish towel sets I made listed on Etsy!