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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mr. Skellie learns how to fix a deck....

Bill has been working odd jobs in between working on his shop addition so that he has enough to finish everything. One of these jobs was fixing the lady's deck next door. It looked like it was in pretty bad shape, but after pressure washing, it was able to be saved! The top rails of the deck were pretty rotted, so Bill and Mr. Skellie removed them and cut new pieces.
Before Bill could trim the end, Mr. Skellie had a "Titanic moment".
Then it was all screwed in place
and Mr. Skellie checked the pickets to see which ones would need replacing....this one for sure.
He helped Bill drill pilot holes in the pickets for the screws first so there will be less chance of splitting.
Then they were screwed in place....with Mr. Skellie's help of course.
This is the color of the stain the neighbor chose...looks great, doesn't it? Mr. Skellie was thirsty after all that work and made sure no one made off with the water. After working in the heat, he gets bone dry...
They packed up all the tools and put everything away back in the shop. The next time, their plans are to add strips to the roof rafters so that more insulation will fit up there. Have a great day!