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Saturday, January 16, 2016

More Window Boxes!

Slash was very impressed with the first window box and the rest of the minions loved the colors of the flowers. The flowers actually took their attention away from all the baked goods in the window for a few minutes anyway! LOL! So I was inspired to start the remaining 3. This time, I decided to do all the cutting, glueing, and painting production style. I started by cutting each of the base and side pieces
and glueing them together.
They dried quickly and I glued each set to the back of each piece of plastic fencing.
I knew this would take a little longer to dry, so pulled out the parts for the fart gun I was thinking about. This started as a small plastic trumpet that I had in my stash.
I had used the mouthpiece as part of a hookah for Sherlock awhile back.
I thought I could use nail polish remover to take the gold finish off of the plastic, but it just removed the gold color and I still had a shiny silver finish left. So I used a piece of fine sandpaper and lightly sanded it all over, then used some black spray paint on it.
I know, forgot my glove again! LOL! Now it's time to let the paint dry and go back to the window boxes. I brushed black acrylic paint on the wooden parts and set them aside to dry.
Tomorrow we will add the moss and flowers and glue them to the building! Have a great evening!