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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Flower Shop side in Progress..

Back in the shop again! It was a good thing I had glued all those bay window pieces in or my baked goods would have been long gone! As it was, I had to clean all kinds of minion drool off the windows before I could start on the other bay. The minions were glad to see me with a piece of sandpaper in my hand as they know things are starting to get serious.
What kept me away was typing my old journal for my other blog, Twice Across America. I had 13 typed pages and when I went back, they had all disappeared. I thought, "Well, I have all that saved to a disk...." When I put it in, it was blank. So, had to start all over again! But that is another story for another blog, today is for the Minions! This is pretty much a repeat of the first bay....sand everything, glue on cardboard scraps for raised panels, and paint.
While the paint was drying, I played around with some beads and tiny fake flowers to come up with  something for the inside of the bay. My flower arranging skills are so-so, but I think what I came up with will look nice. I used a small sticker for a flower poster for the back and glued everything in place. 
Next, I glued in the plastic windows, then the window trim.

I wanted to see how the shutters would look, so cut a few of the punch-outs from the windows in half lengthwise,
sanded and painted them
and then glued them in place.  
Hmmm, this is looking cute! I'll let all of this dry overnight and start putting in the translucent pieces behind the windows tomorrow. I think a black shingled roof will look good on this one and since I haven't used any of the shingles that came with the kit yet, I will have plenty! See you all tomorrow, have a nice evening!