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Monday, January 18, 2016

Flower Boxes and Cold Weather!

Since we got the teeniest bit of snow this weekend, the minions wanted to go out and play in it. Not all of them have fur or a winter coat, so I took a picture of these two.
They didn't want to stay out long! We had a little more snow overnight, so they were all excited about going out and perhaps building a snowman. I checked the thermometer, "Sorry guys, it's only 19 degrees out!" They decided to all have lunch together at Outback Steakhouse instead.
That sounds pretty good to me too...I can dream can't I? LOL! So while they were lining up to have lunch, I got out the sheet moss to cut the rest of the pieces for the remaining 3 window boxes. It sure is messy stuff!
I glued the boxes to the house and while that was drying thought about the translucent paper for the windows. Why was I doing each window separately when no one is going to see inside once it's done? Since I had plenty of the paper left, I just cut large pieces to cover each wall.
Faster and fewer gluey fingers. So here is each side with the window boxes and windows done.
I guess we can start the roof! I painted the edges white since they will show once the shingles are on
and glued the first one to the roof. I made a small notch in the top edge of the remaining piece of roof for the interior light. Once the light was positioned inside at the level I wanted, the second roof piece was glued in place.
The shingles were next. Since I wanted them black, I checked the instructions to see if there was any problem with this. The instructions said to seal them first if you are going to paint them. Well, since there are so many in the box, I thought I would just try painting three with just the paint and see what happens.
They dried nice and flat and even and it looks like they will only need one coat.
So looks like I will be busy painting more shingles this afternoon! In between laundry that is.....Have a great afternoon!

P.S. Here is what it looks like lit up! I'm having way too much fun with this! LOL!