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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shingles and Blasters...

Started the day adding some "wrought iron" trim to the peak of the roof on Buns & Roses. I used E6000 cement and there is no getting that off!
Shingles next! Since I had to cut each strip to length, I ended up having to paint the ends before I could glue them on. The strip shingles are really handy in this kit, I think doing individual shingles in this scale would turn me into a fumble-fingers. I used two lines of white glue and held them in place on the ends with clothespins and pressed down on them with my fingers for a few minutes until the glue started to set.
I had just enough painted shingle strips to do one side so I will be painting more later.
While all this dried, I pulled out the fart blaster and my box of tiny watch gears to see what I could come up with. When I looked down at my bench, one of the gears had pierced my pencil!
Be careful with these, the pointed ends can be sharp! I tried out a few different things and this is what I came up with.
Also used part of a snap fastener for inside the bell shaped end...seems to look more business-like this way.
I'm not sure how it ended up being a Steampunk Fart Blaster, but it was fun to make! LOL! Now I have to make sure the Captain over at the Steampunk Summerhouse doesn't "catch wind" of it...;) or he will abscond with it! Since there is supposed to be a big storm coming sometime tomorrow, I am going to head off to Walmart to join the throngs who will be there buying milk and bread....the only thing is, I'll be buying black craft paint and glue...have to have the essentials! LOL! Have a great afternoon!