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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Do you wanna Build a Snowman.....

Had a busy day yesterday editing a video for my other blog, Twice Across America. I am new to editing, so it took me several hours. So today I am playing with minions! Since it is snowing here, a few of them wanted to go out and make a snowman so I bundled up and went out to give them a hand. The snow was a little hard to work with, more like ice pellets, but we managed to get one going.
As the snow got deeper, the Crominion was having a ball making snow angels but the others were rapidly getting buried in the ever-deepening snow.
Since it was almost lunchtime, we came in for tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches! So bad for you but such great comfort food. We wondered where the rest of the minions had got off to when we found a note that said they went down to the tropics to spend some time at the Banana Farm. They came back a few hours later a little sunburned and had pictures to show everyone.
They even had a photographer do some old timey shots of them.

I asked how the Banana Farmer was doing and he had sent along a crate of bananas for everyone. After checking to see if Buns & Roses was open for business yet, (it wasn't) they went over to Outback Steakhouse again today. Twice in one week! Maybe I pay them too much....

Not a whole lot of progress otherwise today. I did get more shingles painted
and I metalized and embellished the Steampunk Fart Blaster just a bit.
I know, it needs some gears, just being lazy today! I can smell those steaks over there at Outback, now my tummy's growling! Have a great afternoon!